Athens International Children’s Film Festival is a 3 days festival for kids from 3 to 18 years old bringing to Athens the best long and short films for children’s from local and international directors.
On an early stage we worked on the visual identity of the festival, starting from the logo with a greek and an english version, and later on an identity system to be applied to the event.
Being this their first time organising a festival, the clients weren’t sure of the amount of graphic work and material they would be able to afford. So, without a specific list of material to design, we decided to create 3 sets of icons, representing the children audience, the city of Athens, and the cinema world.
The result was a set of little illustrations, simple enough to appeal to kids of any age, but clean enough to appeal to parents and families too.
Depending on the material to design each time, the icons can be put together in different compositions, so as to match the various formats and sizes keeping the visual identity simple, direct and recognisable.
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