Paris Berlin is a wedding planners office based in Barcelona, Spain.
The brief  required to focus on the peculiar name, chosen by the owner as a way to represent both the romantic and classic side of a wedding planning (Paris), and the modern, extravagant side as well (Berlin).

The challenge was from one side to express this duplicity through the logo, but also to incorporate a visual identity that, on request, had to be bold, colourful, happy, and communicate the main job of the wedding planner: a tailor made, fully customisable experience for the newlyweds. 

For the logo we chose to represent those two divergent concepts (classic vs modern) through typography, with the use of a serif typeface for the name Paris, and a geometric sans-serif for the name Berlin.

For the visual identity we proceeded creating a series of free-hand patterns, and a pastel color palette. On each application the artwork is split in half, pattern on one side and full color on the other.
matching colours and patterns according to the need, possibilities are potentially endless.
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